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Plastic Injection Molding

For the production of test samples and material composites, an industrial injection molding machine with various temperature-controlled tools and inserts is available. The tools can be tempered electrically or by means of liquid.
The use of suitable customer tools is also possible. In the case of special requirements or tasks, the production of appropriate tools by external cooperation partners is usual.
Separate injection units are also available for processing elastomers and highly filled plastics.

Special Feature: The design of the injection molding machine with vertical clamping unit and vertical injection is ideal for processing inserts into molded hybrid composites.
The fixed lower mold tool prevents the inserts from slipping during the clamping process.

Technical Data:

Closing force220 kN
Distance between plates400 mm
Mold opening distancemax. 200 mm
Clear width between the spars254 mm
Theoretical max. shot weight (PS)57 g
Screw diameter (default)  22 mm (max. shot weight (PS) 27 g)
Max. working temperature400 °C
Hydraulically operated valve gate nozzle 
Additional Equipment
Elastomer unit22 mm
Armored screw / cylinder22 mm

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