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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Granule Preconditioning

A wide range of granules is available, including commercially, modified and internally developed products.
The processing of customer products is also common. The preconditioning can be adapted to the respective granules or carried out according to the customers' requests,
such as:


In plastics technology, it is sometimes necessary to reduce the water content of the granules used to a certain value by drying. A dry air dryer (up to 150 °C) is used for the most common granulates. Alternatively, sensitive plastics or powders can be dried in a vacuum drying oven (up to 200 °C).

Manufacturer:New Omap srl
Model:DEU1 10MT

Flavoring / Aromatization

For special purposes, it may be possible to equip the granules with e.g. essential oils before processing.


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Primer and Chemical Surface Treatment

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