The pictures show different mixing states of kneading masses, which are mixed step by step using the speedmixer. The degree of mixing increases with longer mixing time from left to right.

Research Area

Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

The picture shows an arrangement of dispersing discs of 80 mm to 25 mm diameter arranged according to size

Research Area

Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Stirring & Mixing Technique

The available stirring and mixing technology allows us to optimally stir, mix and disperse adhesives, sealants, casting coumpounds, paints and varnishes on a laboratory scale. The processable product quantities start at about 0.5 g. During the processes, reproducible homogeneous mixtures are created. Due to the special procedures, it is possible to obtain bubble-free preparations or to degas products in a targeted manner.




Manufacturer:Hauschild Engineering
Type:Speedmixer DAC 150 FVZ

The speedmixer is a laboratory mixing system, which is ideally suited for quick mixing, dispersing or grinding of different materials due to the double rotation of the mixing cup (principle ⇒ "dual asymmetrical centrifuge"). Reproducible results are achieved within a short time. The speedmixer is preferred for the production of bubble-free homogeneous mixtures of adhesives, sealants / casting compounds and paints / varnishes. The used liquid raw materials can range from low to high viscosity or even be kneadable. When adding fillers such as powder, fibers, flakes, high filling levels can be achieved.

Device Configuration
- Speed range: from 300 to 3500 rpm
- Mixing times: starting at 5 s
- Quantity: from approx. 0.5 g


Application Examples:
- Mixing, dispersing and grinding
- Mixtures
  • Bubble-free
  • Homogeneous
  • Reproducible
- For low to high viscosity / kneadable components
- High filler contents can be realized


Especially Suitability for:
adhesives, sealants, casting compounds, paints and varnishes


Dispersants / Dissolver / Mixer

Manufacturer:  VMA Getzmann GmbHIKA Labortechnik
Type:  Dispermat CA 40Dispergator T25 basic     and
Rührgerät IKA Eurostar

Dissolvers are disk stirrers, which are used for dispersion. For example, in this process a pigment powder is dispersed in a binder, whereby the dissolver has the function of breaking up agglomerates of primary particles.
A vertical stirrer shaft is equipped with a toothed stirring disc (dispersing disc), which is dipped into the product to be dispersed. Due to the fast rotating movement of the dispersing disk and the resulting shear forces, the agglomerates are dispersed.

Device Configuration 
- Speed range: 0 to 20,000 rpm or 0 to 24,000 rpm
- Stainless steel container: 100, 250 & 500 ml
- Dispersing discs: 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 & 80 mm made of stainless steel
- Accessories: vacuum unit up to 250 ml + clamping unit
- Quantity: from 0.05 l

As additional equipment, a temperature-controlled vacuum system is available. Using this supplementary system, highly viscous products can be dispersed and degassed simultaneously. Furthermore, the dissolver is equipped with a container-clamping unit, which also enables dispersing in various containers (bottles, cups, hobbocks).


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Primer and Chemical Surface Treatment

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