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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

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In order to improve the resilience of elastomers, they are usually bonded with textile or metallic reinforcements. Following the current trends on the rubber and plastics market, the range of elastomer materials to be considered no longer includes only rubber products but increasingly also thermoplastic elastomers, which are often difficult to bond.
If new material combinations are used or new demands are made on the application and production of composites, new methods or adhesives are often required for the pretreatment of the strength members or established processes must be adapted.

Our field of activity is the practice-oriented development of adhesion-improving coatings as well as processes for the surface treatment of strength members according to the respective task (material system, requirements).

A versatile technical equipment for the production of samples (e.g. using press, injection molding machine, extruder) and their direct testing (universal testing machines, climatic chambers) is in house available for a well-founded handling of relevant development and consulting tasks.

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Primer and Chemical Surface Treatment

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