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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Chemical Resistance & Stability

To test the chemical resistance, samples prepared according to the respective test conditions are exposed to liquid or gaseous test media and stored at defined temperatures. At the end of the exposure, the relevant tests (haptic and visual inspection, change in mass, adhesive strength, color measurement etc.) are carried out.


Research on chemical resistant materials and coatings is one of our key focus of expertise. The type of chemical attack medium and the respective application conditions or requirements determine the scope of development.

For a successful realization, the following aspects are generally noteworthy:

    Application Examples:

    • Swimming pool paint
    • Off-shore wind turbines
    • Chemical tank interior coating
    • Spray salt influence on surfaces

    Further Topics of Corrosion & Resistance

    Dr. Joerg Leuthaeusser

    Head of Department
    Primer and Chemical Surface Treatment

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