The picture shows the CO2 laser workplace from above.

Research Area

Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Infrared Laser (CO2-Laser)

The CO2 laser from the company SLCR is a continuously working CO2-CW laser, which emits the laser radiation in the form of a continuous beam. The primary wavelength of 10.6µm is absorbed by organic materials to approx. 90-99.9%, but is rather reflected by metals. In this power class it is therefore very well suited for processing plastics. These can be structured, labeled or removed. With the corresponding parameters, it is to be used at Innovent for work on structuring and activation of plastics, thus opening up new fields of application.

Device Configuration
Laser type: CO2-CW Laser
Wavelength:10,6 µm
Power:15 - 100 W
Focus diameter: 290 / 540 µm
Beam profile:Gaussian
Working field size: 110 × 110 / 198 x 198 mm
Scan speed:  max. 7620 mm/s


Due to the computer-controlled 2D scan head a good spatial resolution is possible. Depending on the selected objective, this is in the range of the focus diameter. The smallest possible image is a point of about 290 µm.


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Dr. Joerg Leuthaeusser

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Primer and Chemical Surface Treatment

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