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Rotor Measuring Station

The RMP rotor measuring station is a universal measuring system for recording the characteristics of permanent magnet rotors. Controllable axes, precise mechanics, 3-axis Hall sensors as well as a magneto-optical module for the resolution of the smallest structures and cracks characterize the RMP. This enables fast acquisition and visualization of rotors of various sizes.
Application examples:

  • Measurement of permanent magnetic rotors equipped with ferrite, AlNiCo, SmCo, NFeB
  • Determination of geometric dimensions with laser scanner (fast)
  • Determination of geometric dimensions with mechanical touch sensor (very accurate)
  • Interchangeable measuring probe
  • 3D magnetic field probe on small measuring space (0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1) mm
  • Magnetic stray field measurement of stators also possible

 Device configuration:

  • Axis accuracy: 10 μm
  • Sensors: 3D Hall sensors, Hallarray, magneto-optical sensor
  • Scan speed with 3D Hall sensors: 1 mm/s (height)
  • Extremely high geometric resolution (magneto-optical module)
  • Maximum rotor size: 300 mm (height) and 400 mm (diameter)
  • Load capacity rotary table: 50 kg
  • Evaluation & control: integrated PC with own software

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