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Magnetic and Optical Systems

AMR Magnetometer

In the MOS department, various AMR sensor boards were developed which, after measuring the sensor pitch, alignment of the sensor elements and linearization in a Helmholtz coil system, become a magnetometer. The sensor modules are of modular design and have a bus system which enables an array structure. Measurement frequencies up to the kHz range with resolutions of up to 18 bits can be achieved. Resolutions up to the nT range are realized. All sensor boards are equipped with temperature sensors and the measured values are output temperature compensated. Each sensor board is equipped with up to 3 AMR sensors (x, y, z). The systems are used at INNOVENT as reference for measurements in Helmholtz coils as well as for the measurement of magnetic stray fields.
Application examples:

  • Measurement of magnetic stray fields
  • Reference in calibration and surveying structures such as Helmholtz coils

Device configuration

  • Available measuring ranges: nT - 1 mT
  • Resolution: up to 10 nT
  • Absolute accuracy: ppm range
  • Measuring frequency: >10 kHz possible
  • Array structures: over 100 AMR sensors possible
  • Time-synchronous measurement of the array
  • Control: PC, local, RS232, TCP/IP, MODBU


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