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Magnetic and Optical Systems


MagHyst is used to investigate the magnetic quantities of materials and actuators. The magnetic properties of magnetic actuators (Ø(I,ä) characteristic curves, F(È,ä) characteristic curves) can be measured without additional effort. Furthermore, the determination of the B(H) characteristic curves of toroidal core samples, magnetic rod samples and semi-finished products is given.
Application examples:

  • Measurement of demagnetization curves of hard magnetic samples
  • Determination of Br, HcJ, HcB, HcKnee, Hm, Bm, BHmax, operating point ...
  • Temperature-dependent measurements

Device configuration:

  • Current: up to 10A
  • Measuring range: depending on sample geometry and number of turns
  • Sample geometry: rod samples Æ10mm, length > 9cm
  • Toroidal samples: Winding with one primary and one secondary winding must be given

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