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The Zeiss Duramax is a temperature-compensated coordinate measuring machine which, due to its robustness and resistance to industrial environments, is suitable for a wide range of applications for production-related quality inspection of parts made of various soft and hard materials. At Innovent, the measuring device is installed in an air-conditioned measuring room in order to achieve high measuring accuracy. On the basis of the design drawing, a measuring sequence is created in the Zeiss Calypso measuring program on the basis of a loaded 3D model from the CAD. The actual measurement of the component is fully automatically CNC-controlled. The result of the quality inspection is a standardized measurement protocol.

Application examples:

  • Production-related quality control of internal and external production parts
  • Contract measurement of production parts on behalf of a customer
  • Measuring protocol with evaluation of form and position tolerances, drawing dimensions, etc.
  • Functional measurement of fitting systems

Device configuration:

  • Glass ceramic length measuring system, photoelectric, resolution 0.2µm
  • Deviation at length measurement less than 5µm (depending on temperature and measuring length)
  • Workpiece mass max. 100kg
  • Measuring range / working range (workpiece size): 500mm x 500mm x 500mm
  • Device dimensions: W 1080mm x L 1360mm x H 2480mm

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