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NMR Magnetometer

With an NMR Gaussmeter magnetic fields can be measured very accurately. The method is based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Accuracies up to 1 mG (0.1 µT) can be achieved with a drift of 1 ppm max/year. The system is used at INNOVENT as a reference for measurements in Helmholtz coils and electromagnets.


Application examples:

  • Measurement of magnetic stray fields (homogeneous)
  • Reference in calibration and surveying equipment such as Helmholtz coils and electromagnets

Device configuration

  • Available samples at INNOVENT:   0.04 – 0.2T / 0.16T – 0.8T / 0.42 – 2.1T
  • Field range (reality):   0.02-2.10 T / 0Gauss-200G (Hall Option)
  • Resolution:   0.1 µT (1mG)
  • Absolute accuracy:   <+/-0.5µT
  • Relative accuracy:   <+/-0.1µT
  • Internal stability of the time reference:    +/-1ppm (0°C-70°C)
  • Aging of the internal time reference over 1 year:   <1 ppm
  • Aging of the internal time reference after 1 year:    <+/-0,2 ppm /year
  • Measuring frequency:   2 Hz
  • Required homogeneity:   200 – 1000 ppm/cm
  • Channels:   1 to 64
  • Control by external PC Local, RS232, TCP/IP, MODBU


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