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Magnetic and Optical Systems

Network Analyzers

Network analyzers are used to perform measurement tasks in high-frequency technology. The circuits that are investigated with them range from simple components (e.g. filters, amplifiers, mixers ...) to complex assemblies. The fields of application range from non-linear measurements to complex measurement tasks. In combination with appropriate antenna, strip or waveguide arrangements, they can be used for material characterization.
Application examples:

  • Analysis of passive and active components such as filters, amplifiers, mixers and multiport modules
  • Frequency conversion and multi-tone measurements on amplifiers and mixers
  • S-parameter or group delay measurements
  • Non-linear measurements (intersection point and compression point)
  • Material characterization (absorption, reflection and transmission, line width measurement)

Device configuration (ZVA67):

  • Frequency range from 10 MHz to 67 GHz
  • Wide dynamic range > 140 dB
  • High output power >18dbm
  • Width IF bandwidth: 1/5/30 MHz

Device configuration (ZVM):

  • Frequency range from 10 MHz to 20 GHz
  • Wide dynamic range > 115 dB
  • Low inherent noise <110 dBm
  • High measuring speed <0.5 ms/point
  • High measuring speed <3.5 µs


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ZVA67 and ZVM

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