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Magnetic and Optical Systems


The electromagnet system is suitable for applications requiring high fields and field reversal, such as B-H loops, magnetic separation studies, component magnetization, magneto-optical measurements and superconducting material characterization. For continuous operation, fields over 3 T with 25 mm pole spacing or 2 T with 50 mm pole spacing can be provided.
Application examples:

  • Hall effect investigations
  • Magneto-optical studies
  • Magnetic separation experiments
  • Magnetization of materials, components ...

Device configuration

  • Field strength of over 3 T at 25 mm pole spacing
  • Variable pole spacing from 0-160 mm
  • Variable pole shoes (25 mm to 250 mm)
  • 150 A power supply with a current stability of 0.1 % in 8 hours


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