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Magnetic and Optical Systems

Hall Magnetometer

In the MOS department, various Hall magnetometers (also called Tesla and Gaussmeters) are available. Systems of the companies Senis, Lake Shore and Projekt Elektronik are available. A measuring range from a few µT to 20 T can be covered. Transverse, axial as well as highly integrated 3-axis versions are available as measuring probes. Accuracies up to the ppm range are achieved. The systems are used at INNOVENT as reference for measurements in Helmholtz coils and electromagnets as well as for the measurement of magnetic stray fields.
Application examples:

  • Measurement of magnetic stray fields
  • Reference in calibration and surveying equipment such as Helmholtz coils and electromagnets

Device configuration

  • Available measuring ranges: µT - 20 T
  • Resolution: 0.01 µT
  • Absolute accuracy: up to 0.05 % (of measured value)
  • Internal stability of the time reference: +/-1 ppm (0°C-70°C)
  • Temperature stability: up to 5 ppm/K
  • Measuring frequency: up to 75 kHz
  • Control: PC, local, RS232, TCP/IP, MODBU

Other Measuring Instruments


Senis / Lake Shore / Projekt Elektronik


LS 425 / LS 460 / 3MH3 / 3MTS / FM 3002 Rauscharm

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Magnetic Measurements

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