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The Gonioreflectometer RiGO 801 is a dual-circle goniometer for angle-resolved measurement of the spatial scattered light distribution of an illuminated sample surface. The intensity distribution Is(Qs,j) is measured with a predefinable angular resolution in a freely definable sphere section or sphere segment with a photodiode. In addition, a luminance measuring camera can be used to measure the scattered light in a room as an intensity distribution Is(Qs,j,x,y), whereby a spatial assignment of the scattering sources on the test piece surface is possible. Different angles of incidence can be set manually via a sheet guide.
Application examples:

  • BSDF measurements to characterize the scattered light behavior of rough surfaces
  • Grid measurements to check shape accuracy and roughness ratio
  • Conical diffraction measurements for the determination of quasi-periodic structural shapes
  • Scattered light loss measurements

Device configuration:


  • Clear measuring width 300mm
  • Traverse path j = 0° ... 360°, Qs = -163° ...156°
  • Positioning accuracy j < 0.02°, Qs < 0.02°, Qs < 0.02°, Qs < 0.02°, Qs
  • Repeat accuracy j < 0.01°, Qs < 0.01°, Qs < 0.01°, Qs < 0.01°, Qs

sheet guidance

  • Traverse angle of incidence Qi = -70° ....+90°
  • Light sources HeNe- Laser Fiber coupled l = 633nm, Po = 10 mW, laser diodes l = 450nm , 532nm, 635nm, 650nm, Po = 1mW ... 20mW Solid state laser in transmission l = 523nm, Po = 100 mW


  • Si-photodiode, thermostabilised, digital signal output 18 bit resolution. 8 measuring ranges
  • Image-resolving luminance measuring camera LMK98-4, photometrically corrected, distortion corrected


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RiGO 801

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