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Helmholtz Coils and Coil Systems

Various coil systems for field generation and shielding were developed and built in the MOS department. The main system is designed as a 3D helmet wood coil. The Helmholtz coil axes can be operated with the same polarity in homogeneous operation or with opposite polarity in gradient operation. A high-precision 3D fluxgate magnetometer is used as reference sensor. In a specially developed temperature chamber, the test specimens can be tempered between -55°C and 100°C. A highly accurate adjustable current source allows any field configuration to be generated inside the Helmholtz coil assembly. The coil system can be used to precisely determine and calibrate the pitch and orientation of magnetic field sensitive sensors.   
Application examples:

  • Compensation of the earth's magnetic field
  • Homogeneous and gradient operation of every single Helmholtz coil pair
  • Linearity measurements
  • Measurement of the alignment of magnetic sensor elements

Device configuration of our Helmholtz coils

  • Field generation +- 2 mT
  • High-precision power source
  • Edge lengths up to 910 mm
  • Orthogonality better 0,02°.
  • Temperature measurements: -55°C - 100°C
  • Highly sensitive fluxgate reference sensor


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Magnetic Measurements

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