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Magnetic and Optical Systems

Fluxgate Magnetometer

Fluxgate sensors, also called forester probes, are characterized by high sensitivity and low noise. In the field of MOS probes of the companies Matesy and Bartington are used. These are available in 1- and 3-axis versions as well as analogue and partly digital USB probes. An extremely low-noise power supply unit with digitisation stage completes the equipment.
Application examples:

  • Use as reference probe for calibrations or in magnetic field compensation systems
  • Magnetic field monitoring
  • Material testing
  • Measurement of magnetic field disturbances
  • Earth magnetic field measurement

Device configuration

  • Measuring range up to ±50 / ±100 / ±200 µT
  • Noise in the single-digit pT (analog version) or nT range (digital version)
  • Sampling rate up to 1 kHz (when using the power supply)

Other Measuring Instruments


Matesy / Bartington


eFM-x / Mag-03

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Magnetic Measurements

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