Research Area


Up-Scaling Synthesis Laboratory

Stainless steel or glass reactor systems

  • Stainless steel reactor vessel volume 6 l
  • Glass reactor vessel volume 10 l
  • Operating temperature from -20 °C up to +150 °C
  • Operating pressure up to 1.5 bar
  • Inert syntheses under vacuum or inert gas (nitrogen N2, argon Ar)
  • Process parameter control system and automatic data acquisition

Pressure reactor

  • Reaction vessel volume 2 l
  • Operating temperature from -10 °C up to 350 °C
  • Operating pressure up to 200 bar

Filtration units

  • Nominal volume 4 l
  • Fiter plates with 16 up to 250 µm pore size
  • Operations under vacuum, normal pressure
  • High pressure and/or inert gas

Purification and analytics


  • Syntheses of:
    • monomers and pre-polymers
    • active ingredients and prodrugs
    • polymers, coatings and adhesives, additives
    • dyes
    • biomaterials and biopolymer derivatives
    • hybrid polymers
  • Custom synthesis

We would be pleased to take over your custom synthesis. Detailed information about the synthesizable compounds can be found here.

Sabrina Hauspurg, M. Eng.

Head of Department

Phone: +49 3641 282512