Research Area


Electrospinning System

Technical Specification

  • E-spintronic I and II
  • Negative high voltage max. 100 V
  • Fixed and CNC-controlled plate collector
  • Drum, rod, rotary plate collector up to 2500 U / min
  • Mono and double syringe pumps
  • Single, coaxial and multiple nozzle systems
  • Air-conditioned process room with adjustable temperature and relative humidity
  • IR heat source
  • Electrospraying setup
  • Electro-melt spinning system (prototype)
  • Positive / negative high voltage max. 100 kV
  • Processing of extruded polymer strands


  • Synthesis of nonwoven up to 400 cm2 in size consisting of micro- and nanofibers for medical applications or technical systems
  • Nonwoven average 50 nm to 2.5 µm
  • Processing of polymer solutions and melts
  • Production of round and rectangular nonwovens, electro-spun porous tubes and other 3D shapes
  • Synthesis of single-fiber and multi-fiber systems with single, coaxial and directional fibers
  • Numerous polymers can be spun, e.g. polyurethanes, polyesters, poly-lactones, silicones, copolymers and various biopolymers
  • Integration of various additives, e.g. bioactive substances, dyes and nanoparticles
  • Incorporation of active substances and combinations of active substances for fiber-based drug delivery systems with controllable release
  • Electrospraying for coating surfaces and test specimens
  • Sol-gel coating on complex 3D specimens


Erich Huber GmbH, Gernlinden, Germany

Electro Melt Spinning System: in-house design INNOVENT


E-Spintronic I & II

Dr. Torsten Walter

Phone: +49 3641 28 25 56