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Advanced Training at INNOVENT

Today starts our 2-day advanced training event Sol-Gel-Technik from the advanced training series "Advanced training in the triad of theory, practice and analytics". We wish the participants a lot of fun and hope that they will be able to integrate the shown information into their daily work.


You can find out more about our advanced training offers here here.

About the Sol-Gel technology:

Depending on the precursors used, non-metallic inorganic or hybrid polymeric layers can be applied to different materials such as glass, metal, textiles and plastics by using the Sol-Gel process from colloidal dispersions. By integrating tiny inorganic or organic particles into the layers, additional functionalities such as scratch resistance, fluorescence properties or antibacterial effect can be achieved. The combination of sol-gel technology with various atmospheric pressure or vacuum-based processes improves the adhesive strength of the special functionalizations and thus the long-term durability of the coatings.