Advanced Training in the Triad

Surface technologies are key technologies!

In order to be able to meet the various requirement profiles for lightweight construction, corrosion, wear resistance or antibacterial effect, as well as other desired properties, changes must be made. In times of advancing technical progress, it is essential to adapt the surface with the help of appropriate technologies.

With the competences available at INNOVENT e. V. in the field of surface technology, numerous surface properties can be generated, varied and characterized. Within the scope of our series "Advanced Training in the Triad", we would like to show companies the possibilities of the different technologies of surface treatment.

The event format is aimed at companies which would like to expand their knowledge of the theoretical, technical and practical principles of surface treatment. You will gain an insight into methods of characterization, follow current development tasks, and find suggestions for possible industrial applications of the individual technologies.


Our two-day training courses are divided into three thematic blocks:


Obtain basic knowledge about the selected technologies in various lectures.


Expand acquired expertise in practical applications in the laboratories of INNOVENT. In consultation with the workshop leaders, it is possible to bring your own materials and treat them.


Use the latest measuring technology to record the changes of the surface from the PRACTICE section, and display them graphically.

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