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Dr. Bernd Grünler begins his third term as Administrative Vice President of the ZUSE Association and Dr. Uwe Möhring elected to the Innovation Council

Last week, INNOVENT Director, Dr. Bernd Grühler, has been confirmed as Administrative Vice President of the German Industrial Research Association Konrad Zuse e. V. (Zuse Association).

At the Ordinary ZUSE Association Conference in Berlin, he was elected to the Presidium for another four years for the third time in a row.

The Zuse Association represents the interests of non-profit, privately organized research institution. In his position as VICE President of the 80 member, technology and industry-open association, Grünler will continue to actively and constructively contribute his experience and expertise to the association’s work in order to help shape the parameters for innovation and transfer in Germany as a business location.

"I am pleased about the great vote of confidence in my re-election by the majority. In addition to personal appreciation, I also see this as confirmation that the concerns of the association members are convincingly represented in the executive committee. I look forward to continuing this constructive cooperation in the ZUSE executive committee in the future may."

Dr. Uwe Möhring appointed. As a member of this committee, the deputy managing director at INNOVENT e.V. will advise and support the association in the future on scientific-technical and research transfer issues. The Innovation Council is a working committee of the general assembly of the Zuse Community.

“The new task is a great honor for me and offers me the opportunity to help shape the economic, political and social framework for industrial research in Germany, especially with a view to increasing innovation and transfer.”