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Ticket Reader

Automatic Testing of Magnetic Features


The Ticket Reader is a specially developed testing machine for the verification of magnetic features on print media in the ticketing sector. Based on magneto-optical sensor technology, the method allows fast control of magnetic security codes.
The ticket is automatically drawn in and positioned for detection after magnetization. The application software then analyses the authenticity of the ticket in a matter of seconds. The result is then shown on the display and the authenticity can be read.
The technical basis of the Ticket Reader is based on the universal CMOS MagView technology and enables the detection of magnetic information via a sensor area of 18 x 13 mm. The following aspects, for example, can be examined as part of a ticket inspection:

  • Detection of the presence of magnetic inks, lacquers, compounds etc.
  • Reading of QR codes based on individual magnetic structures
  • Fast verification of magnetic barcodes

A high reproducibility of the readout process is guaranteed with a favourable design of the magnetic feature (> 95% readout reliability). The magneto-optically readable feature can also be hidden within certain limits and thus made optically invisible.

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Timmy Reimann

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