Research Area

Magnetic and Optical Systems

Polymer Bonded Soft Magnets

Polymer bonded soft magnets are used in the manufacture and miniaturization of electronic components such as inductors, transformers, antennas and shields, which are currently used in particularly current fields of application such as communications technology, automotive electronics­ and transponder technology.
Our polymer bonded soft magnets are based on soft magnetic powders (e.g. MnZn ferrite, NiZn ferrite, carbonyl iron, FeSi, FeSiNb...) which are dispersed in polymers (e.g. epoxides, polyethylene...). Optimum processing properties are achieved by adding additives (plasticizers, defoamers, flow additives) and coating the powders. The­ desired magnetic properties can be achieved by changing the­ powder/polymer mixing ratio. The­ advantages of polymer bonded soft ferrites lie primarily in their free shape and low brittleness, as well as their broadband capability up to the MHz range.


Petra Payer

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