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Magnetic and Optical Systems

Magnetic Monitoring in Medicine

Magnetic monitoring is a universal method for three-dimensional localization of magnetically marked objects. Since the method is based on the measurement of magnetic fields, it is possible to track objects to which there is no optical contact. Thus, localizations are possible in non-magnetic containers of any kind, and even in the human body. In the simplest case, the magnetic marker is a normal permanent magnet. Due to this fact, very small markers can be attached to the object to be tracked without energy supply. Magnetic monitoring is the only method with which it is possible to record not only the 3D position but also the rotation of the object.

This method is used, for example, to localize magnetic pills for the examination of the human gastrointestinal tract. The pill is swallowed and observed as an indigestible food component, during transport. Movement patterns of the pill provide information about the function of the digestive system and possible disorders. Used in camera endoscopes, an exact allocation between the capsule images and the location is possible. In combination with a magnetic release of the active substance, precise measurements are possible for the absorption of the active substances. Further information on drug release and commercial exploitation can be found at the website of the Matesy GmbH (


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