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Magnetic monitoring is a universal method for the three-dimensional localization of magnetically marked objects. Since the method is based on the measurement of magnetic fields, objects can be tracked to which there is no optical contact. Localizations are thus possible in non-magnetic containers of any kind and even in the human body. The magnetic marker is in the simplest case a normal permanent magnet. Due to this fact, very small markers can be attached to the object to be tracked without energy supply. Magnetic monitoring is the only method that allows to detect the 3D position as well as the rotation of the object.


Application examples:

Spouted and Fluidized Beds

The optimization of motion analyses in mixing, coating and drying processes requires the complete tracking of at least one particle. By analyzing the motion of this particle, process parameters can be adjusted. As a result, the entire system can be operated and monitored more effectively, ultimately saving costs. The detailed evaluation of the particle path, which is up to 1 kHz fast, is carried out offline, so that precise and statistically reliable statements about the entire process are available. The main advantages over all other methods (e.g. PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) or PEPT (Positron Emission Particle Tracking)), are the non-contact, non-optical measurement without the use of ionizing radiation, which not only records the path but also the particle alignment.


Neuwirth, J., Antonyuk, S., Heinrich, S., Jacob M., CFD–DEM study and direct measurement of the granular flow in a rotor granulator Influence of liquid layers on energy absorption during particle impact., CES_2013_86_151-163.

Motion Sequences in a Washing Machine

For the first time it is possible to analyze precisely the movement sequences in a washing machine drum. For this purpose, a piece of laundry is labeled with a magnetic marker and tracked during the washing process. The motion sequence of the marked piece of laundry provides information about the complex interaction of different washing factors, such as water temperature, detergent and the load of the machine. This information makes it possible to optimize the cleaning process and thus develop more efficient washing machines.


Medical Technology

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