Research Area


Polymer Processing


Self-made and commercially available thermoplastic polymers, as well as selected water-soluble polymers, can be processed by electrospinning from solutions or melts into nano- and microscale fibers and fiber fleeces of different shapes and sizes. In addition to flat nonwovens, other geometries can be produced, including tubular, hemispherical or conical shapes, and the fibers can be formed as solid or hollow fibers or core-shell structures. The incorporation of nanoparticles, additives, dyes or active ingredients is possible. In the form of electrospraying, the process is also suitable for the coating of surfaces.

Polymer and Gel Networks and Foams

Our department has established various methods for network formation of synthetic and natural polymers. The network formation can be triggered by radical-initiated cross-linking of double bonds by means of special initiators or irradiation with visible or UV light. Further possibilities are SH-En- or click-reactions. Crosslinking can also be carried out in situ under conditions that offer cell protection. By specific temperature control of the crosslinking reactions, we are also able to produce macroporous cryogels. Based on our biocompatible isocyanate monomers, open-porous foams are also accessible.

Our hydrogels are designed for application in regenerative medicine (soft tissue reconstruction), e.g. as tissue replacement materials, medical adhesives and coatings or drug release formulations. We are able to specifically vary the chemical and physical properties in order to adapt them to the respective application.

Extrusion and Injection Molding

We own a mini extruder with an integrated injection molding device (substance requirement: 5 g extrudable material) and can process thermoplastic polymer materials into polymer strands as well as test specimens (tensile test bars according to DIN ISO ISO 527-2-5A, bending test bars with L/W/H 500/10/3 mm) or test discs (diameter 10 mm, height 1 mm) for mechanical testing.

Sabrina Hauspurg, M. Eng.

Head of Department

Phone: +49 3641 282512