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"Longlife Glasscomponent – VietBond"

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Title: “Innovative point-fixed glazing based on high-strength glass-metal bonding for tropical loads”

Short title: "Longlife Glasscomponent – VietBond"

Duration: 01.10.2017 – 30.04.2020

Partners: INNOVENT e.V. (Germany); TU Dresden – Institut für Baukonstruktion (Germany); IAB – Institut für angewandte Bauforschung Weimar GmbH (Germany); AIS – Anlagenbau und Industrieservice Kemberg (Germany); iKTS GmbH (Germany); National University of Civil Engineering – Institute for Researching and Application Tropical Building Materials (Vietnam); Hanoi-IEC Co.Ltd. (Vietnam)

Objective: The aim of the project is the development of innovative point-fixed glass facades for Vietnam. In contrast to conventional bolted point holder systems, glued point holder systems are developed within the scope of the research project. With bolted point fixing systems, the load transmission in the area of the required glass bores leads to high stress peaks in the glass, so that damage occurs in the facade components. Bonded point holders do not require drill holes in the glass. The load transmission over the adhesive surfaces leads to an even stress in the glass without stress peaks. Accordingly, thinner glass thicknesses are sufficient for bonded constructions.

A further objective is the development of a test regime for Asia and a multifunctional climate test chamber with which the possible environmental impacts such as acid rain, salt load (near the sea), NOx, CO2, UV light, IR light, humidity, temperature and wind can be simulated individually or in combination.

The project was supported by the German AiF.

Dr. Tina Toelke

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