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New skin regeneration and wound healing products from eggshell membrane (BIA)


“Development of Hydrogel, Film and Nonwoven Mesh Test Products based on Eggshell Membrane”


Duration: 01.02.2014 – 31.01.2018


  • Biovotec AS, Norway - has developed a novel industrial eggshell membrane separation technology
  • Nortura Eggprodukter AS, Norway - Norway’s leading producer of egg products
  • INNOVENT, Germany - industrial research institute specialized in biopolymer biomaterials
  • Nofima, Norway  - research institute with expertise on cell regeneration studies
  • University of Ottawa, Canada - 15 years of medical experience with eggshell membrane
  • Faun Pharma AS, Norway - a leading contract manufacturer in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries


The core idea for the project is to develop a cost effective wound dressing based on a novel biomaterial derived from eggshell membrane to be used as first-line treatment in all wounds at risk of delayed or non-healing, reducing the incidence of chronic wounds, such as venous leg and diabetic ulcers. To achieve this main objective, several specific objectives have been defined for this innovation project such as product development, in vitro and in vivo tests.

Eggshell membrane is a promising source of active wound healing agents due to its high content of collagen, glycosaminoglycans, and other wound healing and antibacterial activity promoting ingredients. Biovotec has developed proprietary process technologies that enable continuous, cost-efficient separation of eggshell membrane of the eggshell residues from the egg products industry.
R&D activities of INNOVENT are focused on the product development with the use of eggshell membrane as a base for hydrogel, film and nonwoven mesh formulations with specific biological properties like antimicrobial activity and tissue regeneration stimulating capacity.

It is intended that the results of these R&D activities serve as a basis to fully qualify the product as a medical device for wound healing. The R&D program together with Biovotec have led the development and qualification of a novel medical device for wound healing called DermaRep, a dissolvable ESM based film. DermaRep is currently starting its multicentric clinical trials in the UK which will enable DermaRep to receive CE mark in 2019.


The project was funded by the Research Council of Norway.


More Information on Biovotec.

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