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New ideas for buildings worthy of protection grow in old walls

On 22.05.2020, the MDR Thüringen Journal presents the "Vogtlandpioniere" - the network for the innovative revival of old buildings and factories in the Vogtland region.

The innovation alliance "Vogtlandpioniere" initiates research projects for the development of innovative technologies for the preservation and use of architectural heritage in the Vogtland. This initiative coordinated by INNOVENT e.V. has now also attracted the attention of the TV channel MDR. For a program in the Thüringen Journal, project manager Constanze Roth and the MDR team visited two old industrial buildings: the old paper factory in Greiz and the industrial pavilion in the Elsteraue in Plauen. With new ideas for smart textiles for renovation and creative concepts for educational and cultural offers, both buildings are to be made usable again for the people in both cities.

Get more information about the "Vogtlandpioniere" here:

You can watch the TV contribution probably on Friday 22.05.2020 in the Thüringen Journal and afterwards in the MDR Mediathek.

The "Vogtlandpioniere" are one of the twenty pilot projects of the funding programme "WIR! - Change through Innovation in the Region" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


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