Research Area

Magnetic Systems

Electronics and Software Development

The topics electronics and software development are closely linked with other fields of work within the department. Virtually every one of our developed devices requires intelligent electronics and software solutions.
Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Development of universal printed circuit boards (modular system) for fast development solutions based on modern microcontrollers or FPGA's
  • Customer-specific, individual electronic development (special equipment construction)
  • Firmware development for the used microcontrollers
  • Programming of application software for Windows and Linux platforms
  • Application of extensive analog and digital measurement technology for analysis and commissioning

The main tasks to be performed by electronics, firmware and software are:

  • Reading, interpreting and displaying sensor data (magnetic field sensors, distance sensors, magneto-optical sensors)
  • Control and monitoring of moving components (rotary and linear axes)
  • Calibration of our instruments (determination of the calibration data)

This enables us to solve complex measuring tasks, including but not exclusively, problems in the magnetic and magneto-optical field. This offers our customers a complete package of development services.

Software used:

  • Circuitry: Altium Designer, Design Spark
  • Application programming: Qt-Framework, Visual C
  • Analysis and simulation: LabView, Matlab, LTSpice
  • Firmware development: Atollic True Studio, Atmel Studio


Annika Plötner

Team Leader
Magnetic Systems

Phone: +49 3641 282567