Research Area


Active Substances and Reagents

We also utilize our expertise in the field of organic synthesis and natural product chemistry to synthesize active ingredient derivatives, prodrugs, bioconjugates and specialty chemicals.

  • Synthesis and characterization of antibiotic salts with graded water solubility and good substrate adhesion for prophylaxis and therapy of implant-associated infection
  • Investigation of the release behavior and biological activity of antibiotic layers
  • Synthesis of selected prodrugs as precursors of pharmacologically active drugs
  • L-DOPA derivatives with specific application properties for Parkinson's therapy
  • Synthesis of bioconjugates (dye / biotin coupled biopolymers)
  • Reactive bitter compounds (denatonium derivatives) and other flavoring agents for use as sensor molecules
  • Cell adhesion peptide-containing layer systems for improving the initial ingrowth behavior of implants
  • Siderophore analogues and iron chelators
  • Production of special chemicals according to customer requests

Sabrina Hauspurg, M. Eng.

Head of Department

Phone: +49 3641 282512