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Qi Wang, Roman Verba, Björn Heinz, Michael Schneider, Ondřej Wojewoda, Kristýna Davídková, Khrystyna Levchenko, Carsten Dubs, Norbert J. Mauser, Michal Urbanek, Philipp Pirro, Andrii V. Chumak
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Experimental Demonstration of a Spin-Wave Lens Designed with Machine Learning

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Joe Bailey*, Pavlo Sukhachov, Korbinian Baumgaertl, Simone Finizio, Sebastian Wintz, Carsten Dubs, Joerg Raabe, Dirk Grundler, Alexander Balatsky and Gabriel Aeppli
Multi-band Bose-Einstein condensate at four-particle scattering resonance
C. Dubs, O. Surzhenko, M. Lindner, and T. Reimann
Fabrication of nm-thin YIG Films by Liquid Phase Epitaxy
In: A.V. Chumak et al., Advances in Magnetics: Roadmap on Spin-Wave Computing

Björn Heinz, Morteza Mohseni, Akira Lentfert, Roman Verba, Michael Schneider, Bert Lägel, Khrystyna Levchenko, Thomas Brächer, Carsten Dubs, Andrii V. Chumak, Philipp Pirro
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PHYSICAL REVIEW B 105, 144424 (2022)




Marek Vanatka, Krzysztof Szulc, Ondrej Wojewoda, Carsten Dubs, Andrii Chumak, Maciej Krawczyk, Oleksandr V. Dobrovolskiy, Jaroslaw W. Klos, and Michal Urbánek

Spin-wave dispersion measurement by variable-gap propagating spin-wave spectroscopy

PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 16, 054033 (2021);


Michael Schneider, David Breitbach, Rostyslav Serha, Qi Wang, Alexander A. Serga, Andrei N. Slavin, Vasyl S. Tiberkevich, Björn Heinz, Bert Lägel, Thomas Brächer, Carsten Dubs, Sebastian Knauer, Oleksandr V. Dobrovolskiy, Philipp Pirro, Burkard Hillebrands, and Andrii V. Chumak
Control of the Bose-Einstein Condensation of Magnons by the Spin-Hall Effect
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 127, 237203 (2021);

Sina Mayr, Simone Finizio, Joakim Reuteler, Stefan Stutz, Carsten Dubs, Markus Weigand, Aleš Hrabec, Jörg Raabe, Sebastian Wintz
Xenon Plasma Focused Ion Beam Milling for Obtaining Soft X-ray Transparent Samples
Crystals 2021, 11, 546,

Michael Schneider, David Breitbach, Rostyslav O. Serha, Qi Wang, Morteza Mohseni, Alexander A. Serga, Andrei N. Slavin, Vasyl S. Tiberkevich, Björn Heinz, Thomas Brächer, Bert Lägel, Carsten Dubs, Sebastian Knauer, Oleksandr V. Dobrovolskiy, Philipp Pirro, Burkard Hillebrands, and Andrii V. Chumak
Stabilization of a nonlinear magnonic bullet coexisting with a Bose-Einstein condensate in a rapidly cooled magnonic system driven by spin-orbit torque
Phys. Rev. B, 104, L140405 (2021),

Björn Heinz, Qi Wang, Michael Schneider, Elisabeth Weiß, Akira Lentfert, Bert Lägel,  Thomas Brächer, Carsten Dubs, Oleksandr V. Dobrovolskiy, Philipp Pirro, and Andrii V. Chumak
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Controlling the Nonlinear Relaxation of Quantized Propagating Magnons in Nanodevices
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 126, 097202 (2021);



B. Heinz, Q. Wang, R. Verba, V. I. Vasyuchka, M. Kewenig, P. Pirro, M. Schneider, T. Meyer, B. Lägel, C. Dubs, T. Brächer, O. V. Dobrovolskiy, A. V. Chumak
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Q. Wang , M. Kewenig, M. Schneider , R. Verba, F. Kohl, B. Heinz , M. Geilen, M. Mohseni, B. Lägel, F. Ciubotaru, C. Adelmann , C. Dubs , S. D. Cotofana , O. V. Dobrovolskiy , T. Brächer, P. Pirro , A. V. Chumak
A magnonic directional coupler for integrated magnonic half-adders
NATURE Electronics (2020);

Alessandro Sola, Craig Barton, Vittorio Basso, Carsten Dubs, Massimo Pasquale, Olga Kazakova
Local Spin Seebeck Imaging with a Scanning Thermal Probe
PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 14, 034056 (2020);

Björn Heinz, Thomas Brächer, Michael Schneider, Qi Wang, Bert Lägel, Anna M. Friedel, David Breitbach, Steffen Steinert, Thomas Meyer , Martin Kewenig, Carsten Dubs, Philipp Pirro, Andrii V. Chumak
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Nano Lett. 2020, 20, 6; 4220-4227;

Michael Schneider, Thomas Brächer, David Breitbach, Viktor Lauer, Philipp Pirro, Dmytro A. Bozhko, Halyna Yu. Musiienko-Shmarova, Björn Heinz, Qi Wang, Thomas Meyer, Frank Heussner, Sascha Keller, Evangelos Th. Papaioannou, Bert Lägel, Thomas Lober, Carsten Dubs, Andrei N. Slavin, Vasyl S. Tiberkevich, Alexander A. Serga, Burkard Hillebrands, Andrii V. Chumak
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NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY 15, 457-461 (2020)¸

Ping Che, Korbinian Baumgaertl, Anna Kúkol’ová, Carsten Dubs, Dirk Grundler
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Carsten Dubs, Oleksii Surzhenko, Ronny Thomas, Julia Osten, Tobias Schneider, Kilian Lenz, Jörg Grenzer, René Hübner, Elke Wendler
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Physical Review Materials 4, 024416 (2020);



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Schichtdickenbestimmung an dünnen, optisch transparenten Schichten mit geringer Brechzahldifferenz zwischen Schicht und Substrat
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