Entwicklungen und Projekte

„Plasma Coating for Wood – PlaCoW”

Project content and main project data

Title: „Plasma based surface modifications of wood and wood polymer composites (WPC) materials and the application of electromagnetic fields for wood and WPC treatment”

Short title: „Plasma Coating for Wood – PlaCoW”

Duration: 01.01.2015 – 31.12.2017 (31.12.2018 for the Russian partners)

Partners: Tigres GmbH (Germany), IHD Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden gemeinnützige GmbH (Germany), INNOVENT e.V. (Germany), LLC “Tarnaya Baza” (Russia), LLC “Vakta” (Russia), Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building (Russia)

Project summary: Wood has a significant share of world market of materials used for external and internal finishing. Discoloration, cracking and low fire-resistance properties of wood requires additional expensive and time-consuming treatment processes. Novel coating methods would increase resource efficiency, improve product attributes and open new markets. Consortium of six partners, including SMEs and research organizations, proposes this project which is dedicated to improve significantly existing coating methods such as atmospheric pressure based plasma techniques, low-temperature plasma and electromagnetic field techniques. Research activities were focused on the comparison of different coating methods and of corresponding resulting surface properties of different types of wood. The main marketable results imply new wood surface modification methods and wooden products with protective hydrophobic bactericidal and fungicidal coatings, improved properties, and weather protection.

Funding agencies: The project was supported by the German AiF and the Russian FASIE within the 14th call of the EraSME network.


Application potential, commercialisation

The results of this project obtained so far can be of interest in the following industries:

  • Consumer goods (e.g. glasses frames, watches…)
  • Healthcare marketplace and indoor use in public buildings (e.g. handrails…)
  • Furniture marketplace
  • Restoration field (e.g. photocatalytic behaviour, air purification, wood treatment)
  • WPC for outdoor use
  • Window production (e.g. VeluxBadfenster)


Dr. Andreas Pfuch

Physikalische Technologien

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