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Competencies of the Department of Surface Technology

The main focus of the surface technology division is the development of processes and equipment for the modification, coating or sterilization of various materials such as metal, glass, textiles, ceramics, wood, natural materials or plastics under normal conditions.

Special attention is paid to the application-oriented process development of CCVD, r-CCVD, plasma CVD, sol-gel technologies and electrochemical processes. The combination of the processes is as much the focus of the developments as the simulation of the applied processes. The classical low-pressure coating processes are also maintained and further developed.

The aim of our developments are the following property changes:

  • Liability improvement
  • Improvement of the corrosion protection
  • Increase of the aging resistance of materials and coatings
  • Surface functionalization (hydrophilicity, hydrophobia, oleophobia)
  • Functional optical layers (transmission enhancement or antireflection, switchable layers, photocatalysis)
  • Wear and scratch protection layers
  • Barrier layers
  • Friction reducing coatings
  • Application of surface technologies for the protection of cultural assets
  • Functionalization of natural products and their application

The implementation of the developments can be realised with the help of our efficient design and prototype construction department.

Dr. Bernd Grünler
Head of Department
Surface Technology 
Phone: +49 3641 282510