Impedance measuring station

Network analyzer HP 4195A with impedance measuring station HP41951A


With the help of the network analyzer and the impedance measuring station, magnetic properties of materials/samples close to the demagnetized state (Rayleigh range) can be determined as a function of frequency. In combination with a thermostat a temperature-dependent characterization is given.

Application examples:

  • Measurement of inductance for H against 0
  • Measurement of the complex initial permeabilities µ' and µ'' of toroidal cores
  • Temperature-dependent measurements

device configuration

  • Inductance: 10 pH to 30 mH
  • Quality: 0.1 to 1000
  • Frequency range: 100 kHz to 500 MHz
  • The sample must be dimensioned so that it can be used to prepare a ring core, which can then be wrapped around.

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HP 4195A / HP 41951A

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