Heat transfer

ANSYS CFD is used for the simulation of heat transport. This allows the calculation of heat transfer by heat conduction, radiation and convection for complex 2- and 3-dimensional arrangements. In addition, this ANSYS package is also usable for fluid mechanics simulations. Using ANSYS Workbench and ANSYS AIM, heat conduction and fluid mechanics can be connected to simulate solid-fluid heat transfer. In addition, it is possible to couple ANSYS Maxwell with ANSYS CFD in order to consider the alteration in resistance depending on temperature changes. There are further coupling possibilities to ANSYS Mechanical, which allows the calculation of deformation due to temperature and pressure effects.
Application examples:

  • Convection cooling of a Helmholtz coil
  • Water cooling of a sputtering cathode
  • Homogeneous temperature control of an NMR sample


Sebastian Wangemann

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Simulation and Software Development


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