Effective characterization of microencoders

The CMOS-MagView S is used for fast testing of the functional stray field of permanent magnetic materials and components. A magnetic field image is generated by digital camera technology and image acquisition software. This enables the geometric measurement of the functional field characteristics of magnetic microencoders. The following encoder properties, for example, can be determined from the image data:

  • Pole widths (period length)
  • Pole pitch error (zero crossings)
  • Phase shifts
  • Irregular functional pattern
  • Magnetization errors

Time-consuming scanning of the encoder is not necessary. To create the field image, the test specimen is simply positioned on the magneto-optical sensor of the CMOS MagView. With one click the complete stray field is captured in one image. At this point, measurements can be made on the magnetic field image. All image data can be archived and conveniently further processed via CSV export.

Active sensor surface CMOS-MagView S: 18 x 13 mm
Resolution (5MPx camera): 1 Pixel = 10 µm
Calibrated magnetic field range: ± 125 mT
Repeat accuracy of the length determination: 0,02 mm
Measuring time (10x image determination): 5 s
Manufacturer of the test specimen: Bogen Electronic

Dr. Carsten Dubs

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Crystalline Materials

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