Quality check of stray fields

The handheld MagView is a mobile inspection instrument for visualizing magnetic structures. Based on the magneto-optical sensor technology MagView allows a fast stray field control of magnetic materials in the near field. In order to make the magnetic field of the sample visible, the MagView is simply positioned on the sample surface and the magneto-optical image is viewed with the eye through the analyzer filter.
MagView enables analyses of polarity, homogeneity and local stray field distribution over a sensor area of 18 x 13 mm. Visualization can be used, for example:

  • Magnetic stray fields from magnetic encoders,
  • Stray fields of dipole/multipole permanent magnets,
  • Domain structures of electrical sheets,
  • Information from magnetic stripe cards and magnetic inks.


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Dr. Carsten Dubs

Team Leader
Crystalline Materials


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