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Surface Technology

Plasma Activation

During plasma activation a variety of work pieces, especially polymer samples, can be treated with a low pressure plasma of different gas composition that entails a cleaning of the surface, a roughening of the surface and a change of the surface energy in general. In addition, functional groups are formed on these surfaces whose functional character can be influenced by choice of the process gases. This is helpful for applying a selective "chemistry" following the plasma activation and to create modified surfaces for defined applications.

For the plasma activation two devices are available (r.f. or microwave power supply). The sample size is limited up to 15 cm diameter.


Examples for applications: 

  • Creation of hydrophilic surfaces e.g. for materials used in medical engineering
  • Activation on polymers for lacquering and glueing
  • Surface cleaning in an oxygen containing plasma



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Dr. Andreas Pfuch

Surface Technology
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Physical Technologies

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