Research Area

Surface Technology

Parylene Coating

For the purpose of achieving:

  • A hydrophobic, chemically resistant coating, with good barrier properties against gases and water vapor
  • An excellent electrical insulation, with high dielectric strength and low dielectric constant
  • A biostable, biocompatible coating (FDA approval class IV polymer)
  • A conformal, largely micropore-free, thin and practically massless transparent coating, with high splitting motion, on complexly designed substrate bodies
  • A coating of the substrate bodies at room temperature in a vacuum




  • Testing the suitability of parylene layers for a specific problem
  • Investigation of suitable pretreatment methods to improve the adhesion properties of the parylene coating on the respective substrate materials
  • Investigations on suitable after-treatment methods to improve the mechanical, thermal and UV resistance of the parylene coating
  • Analysis of the coating properties for special requirements


Available Equipment

We offer a laboratory plant for parylene separation, with a maximum cylindrical working volume of Ø 22 cm x 25 cm.

This enables investigations to be carried out on the coating process, the properties, and possible applications of parylene coatings.

Furthermore, the separation of:

  • Parylene C and
  • Parylene N

is possible with the following coating thicknesses:

  • Typical 3 µm - 7 µm
  • 200 nm minimum,
  • Maximal 10 - 15 µm


  • Electronics (aerospace, medical technology, automotive engineering, measurement technology)
    • Protection and insulation of printed circuit boards and circuits
    • Protection of sensors against humidity and aggressive environments
    • Protection of ferrites and magnetic materials
  • Medical Technology
    • Stents
    • Catheters
    • Pacemaker
    • Elastomeric seals (friction reduction)
    • Cannulas and probes
  • Application limits
    • Longer or permanent temperatures above 120°C
    • UV radiation

Dr. Andreas Heft

Surface Technology

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