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Electropolishing is an electrochemical process for polishing metal parts that offers numerous advantages over mechanical polishing.

Applying an anodic current to the component immersed into an electrolyte solution smooths the component surface. The material removal can be specifically adjusted by the process parameters so that polishing the surface to the desired final dimension is possible. Due to the electrochemical process, the removal at rough edges is highest, so this method can also be used for fine deburring.

In contrast to other polishing treatments, electropolishing induces no mechanical stresses and impurities. This is particularly favorable when increased chemical purity and cleanliness is required. With stainless steels, the corrosion resistance can also be improved by generating a more compact and thicker layer of chromium oxide.


At INNOVENT we can offer you electropolishing of stainless steels, molybdenum, tungsten and copper as well as their alloys. For other materials, we can develop a procedure optimized to your special requirements.


Martin Teumer

Surface Technology
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