Research Area

Surface Technology

Contact Angle Measuring Instrument OCA 15+ from DataPhysics

For software-controlled measurement and analysis of

  • the static and dynamic contact angle according to the Sessile & Captive Drop method
  • the geometry of hanging drops using the pendant drop method
  • the wetting behaviour on solid surfaces
  • the surface free energy of solids and their components
  • the surface and interfacial tension from the drop shape analysis

consisting of

  • Dosing yoke (max. 4 syringe modules)
  • Single or multiple dosing device (max. 4 dosing cannulas)
  • Measuring table, adjustable in three axes
  • Objective carrier with adjustable observation angle
  • Bright measuring lens with 6x zoom
  • Video measuring system with video tube and CCD video camera
  • High-performance digitizing electronics (frame grabber)
  • Lighting electronics
  • SCA 20 Software

Dr. Doreen Keil

Surface Technology

Phone: +49 3641 28254