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INNOVENT is researching green hydrogen

Start of the INNO-KOM project on May 01.

On May 1st, a new INNO-KOM research project started at INNOVENT. This R&D project will investigate materials and surface states capable of efficiently separating water into its components - hydrogen and oxygen - under the direct action of sunlight. INNOVENT's existing expertise in the application of low-cost atmospheric pressure processes for surface functionalization and deposition of nanomaterials will be used. The aim is to investigate the suitability of these photoactive surfaces for up-scaling to a scale relevant for later application. If successful, this "proof of concept" can be used to develop cost-effective and self-sufficient generator systems. With these systems, green hydrogen can be made available without infrastructural requirements. Especially small consumers would profit from this approach.

This approach is intended to lay the foundations for a future technological development that can make the use of green hydrogen more efficient. This is especially true for small users, and thus make a contribution to climate-neutral energy production.