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Latest research results published in the journal "Antibiotics"

In the journal "Antibiotics" recent research results were published under the title "Cold Atmospheric Plasma Exerts Antimicrobial Effects in a 3D Skin Model of Cutaneous Candidiasis", which were developed in close cooperation between the Department of Dermatology from the Jena University Hospital, the Institute of Micro- and Nanotechnologies from the Ilmenau University of Technology and INNOVENT.

The paper focusses on a new 3D skin model with a defined introduced fungal infection (cutaneous candidiasis) to test the antimicrobial efficacy of atmospheric pressure plasmas. Antimicrobial activity is usually studied with microorganisms on culture media or in animal models, which makes it difficult to transfer the results to the human system. It was shown that with a novel atmospheric pressure plasma from TU-Ilmenau, the spread of the yeast fungus in the infected skin models could be significantly reduced. The plasma thus has the potential as an alternative treatment option against Candida infections of human skin. Likewise, the 3D skin model provides an application-oriented approach for testing plasma devices in general.

The publication is available as an open access version at