Research Area

Magnetic and Optical Systems

Two-Dimensional Waviness, Roughness and Texture Analysis

  • High-resolution measurements to record the microtopography of mechanical engineering components (tactile, optical)
  • Determination of standard surface roughness parameters (1-dim. and 2-dim. surface parameters according to international standards)
  • Determination of functional surface parameters (definition of surface parameters directly related to the manufacturing process)
  • Correlation analysis between machining parameters of the surface manufacturing process and the microtopography parameters
  • Development of fast and production-oriented optical measuring methods for quality control of surface roughness
  • Waviness analyses
  • Ground structure and microwaviness analysis
  • Texture analyses
  • Defect detection
  • Automatic image processing
  • Construction of sample devices and prototypes

Dr. Albrecht Hertzsch

Team Leader
Technical Optics

Phone: +49 3641 282589