Research Area

Magnetic and Optical Systems

Twist Analysis and Twist Measurement

  • High-resolution 2-dim. microtopography measurement on shaft surfaces and cylinder front faces for recording the macro and micro twist parameters
  • Fast optical macro and micro twist analysis on shafts
  • Macro twist parameter determination according to MBN 31007-7
  • Micro-twist analysis with calculation of the conveying functions, the texture angle function, the total oil transport cross-section and the micro-twist angle
  • Microstructural failure analysis at leaking sealing counterfaces
  • Development of fast and production oriented optical measuring methods for quality control of twist-free surfaces
  • Mobile measurement technology for production related on-site testing
  • Construction of sample devices and prototypes


Dr. Albrecht Hertzsch

Team Leader
Technical Optics

Phone: +49 3641 282589