Research Area

Magnetic and Optical Systems

Flexible Shielding Foils

Materials that absorb electromagnetic waves in wide frequency ranges are necessary to avoid electrosmog and electromagnetic interference.
For these requirements we have developed flexible films filled with conductive and magnetic materials. They are based on a polyolefinic matrix and have a film thickness of 0.5-2 mm. For applications of shielding materials made of filled plastics, the physical parameters conductivity, permeability and dielectricity are decisive for the damping properties. These parameters can be specifically influenced by selecting electromagnetically effective fillers and combining them.

The effective range of the shielding foils developed includes the following frequency bands relevant to practice:

  • 40 MHz - 1 GHz
  • 3-5 GHz (WLAN)
  • 8-12 GHz (X-band)

The shielding measurements in the frequency range 40 MHz-1GHz are carried out using coaxial measuring technology (TEM measuring cell). Waveguide measurement technology is used in the >1 GHz frequency range.


The use of the developed foils is suitable both for shielding electromagnetic radiation and for eliminating interference radiation in various types of electronic equipment (mobile phone, laptop, digital camera, navigation system, distance radar, etc.).



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