Research Area

Magnetic and Optical Systems

Scattered Light Analysis and Scattered Light Measurement

  • Angle resolved spatial scattered light measurement in reflection and transmission direction
  • BSDF measurements to characterize the scattered light behavior of rough surfaces
  • Conical diffraction measurements for the determination of quasi-periodic structural shapes (roughness measurements on turned and deep rolling surfaces)
  • Imaging scattered light measurements to define location-dependent scattering functions (surface scattering, volume scattering, particle scattering)
  • Stray light loss measurements
  • 2-dim. speckle correlation analysis for surface inspection of structures with high inclination angles or large aspect ratio
  • Speckle tracking method for texture analysis
  • Development of fast and production oriented optical measuring methods for quality control of surface scattering behavior
  • Construction of sample devices and prototypes

Dr. Albrecht Hertzsch

Team Leader
Technical Optics

Phone: +49 3641 282589