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Magnetic and Optical Systems

Polymer Bonded Hard Magnets

Polymer bonded hard magnets are used, for example, in the manufacture of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) or magnetic encoders which are used as absolute encoders for length or angle measurement. Magnetic encoders are particularly suitable for use under extremely harsh environmental conditions to provide information on position, speed, acceleration and motion. The fields of application range from control and regulation technology, automation technology, automotive engineering to power generation.
Our polymer bonded hard magnets are based on hard magnetic powders (such as Ba-Ferrite, Sr-Ferrite, SmCo, NdFeB...) which are dispersed in epoxies. Optimum processing properties are achieved by adding additives (plasticizers, defoamers, flow additives) and coating the powders. The desired magnetic properties can be achieved by changing the powder/epoxy mixing ratio. The advantage of magnetic encoders is their insensitivity to shock, vibration, temperature, dust, dirt and liquids. On the other hand, they can be applied to almost any surface using suitable printing processes.

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